Amy Dao (BS CS 18)

Amy Dao (BS CS 18) Q&A

Why is it important to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month?

This month is a time to celebrate how far Asian and Pacific Islander Americans have come and to celebrate accomplishments and contributions despite obstacles that may have stood in the way. It is important for us all to learn about AAPI heritage, the struggles we have faced as a minority group, and to work together towards a better future for us all. While it is great to be happy and celebrate success, we need to also remind ourselves of where we want to be looking forward. We all should keep in mind how we can continue to learn and grow in the hopes that one day we can all truly be seen as equal.

How do you define successful leadership?

Successful leaders empower others to take initiative, encourage others to speak up and ask questions, and give others the confidence to work autonomously.

What are the biggest challenges to successful leadership?

Narrow-minded thinking. Being stuck viewing things in one way hinders growth and innovation. The world is rapidly changing, and it is important to recognize that in order to adapt and progress.

What is something about your time at Georgia Tech that you carry with you, or that still informs your professional life?

How we were taught to think and problem solve has become essential assets in my professional life.

Beyond money, awards, and job titles, what’s the biggest measure of success?

For me, this is still along the lines of money, but just being able to take care of my family, especially my parents. Like so many others, my parents made sacrifices and worked hard in order for my siblings and I to have a good life. They pushed us to do well in school and get good careers so that I would never have to struggle like they did. After everything they have done for me, being able to provide for my parents and helping them achieve a more relaxed and happy life is the biggest measure of my success.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your career?

Figuring out when to ask for help has been the biggest challenge. I like to take my time to learn and figure out a problem on my own, but sometimes in a fast-paced industry problem, it is best to work collaboratively to quickly overcome obstacles and progress.