Wiqas Nassar (BS CS 18)

Wiqas Nassar (BC CS 18) Q&A

Why is it important to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month?

 I think it’s important to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month to raise awareness for our neighbors and the people we interact with each day. Being aware of different cultures is so crucial and it can help us all live in harmony with each other. We, as a society, will be able to connect through our differences rather than grow apart due to them.

How do you define successful leadership?

I define leadership as empowering others to grow, leading by example, being a conscious and active listener, and always striving for excellence in every aspect of one’s life.

What are the biggest challenges to successful leadership?

Scrutiny of one’s path and people questioning the timeline and journey, rather than celebrating the destination.

Why did you choose to earn a degree in computer science?

I have always been fascinated by technology and growing up I would always watch my dad code away on his computer. The way data can go from numbers to words to actions was magical for me and it was so intriguing. I also have found myself wanting to be on the leading edge of innovation and what better way than pursuing Computer Science at Georgia Tech.

What is something about your time at Georgia Tech/College of Computing that you will carry with you, or that still informs your professional life?

Ms. Steele was integral to my journey at Georgia Tech because I was a transfer from Georgia State and Ms. Steele is the reason I was able to come to Tech and get a degree. She was very helpful and, in my eyes, she took me under her wing and was with me every step of the way. That sense of mentorship and thoughtfulness is something I strive for in my personal and professional life. Being there for people in such a great capacity is something so rare, but not easily overlooked. Because of Ms. Steele I can proudly say that I strive to be the “Ms. Steele” to other people when they ask for help or mentorship.

Beyond money, awards, and job titles, what’s the biggest measure of success?

The biggest measure of success is the number of people who can trace their success back to you. For me, it isn’t about the accolades or the material aspects of success. You need to enjoy what you do and empower others to find that same joy in what they do. I find success in helping others succeed throughout my journey.

What’s the next big thing you’d like to accomplish?

 The next big thing I would like to accomplish is to grow in my field and be a pioneer in what I do.