Phoebe Wongphatarakul

Phoebe Wongphatarakul

Why did you choose to earn a degree in Computational Media?

At a young age, I was into two different fields that I thought I could never mix: art and technology. As I got older and learned more about both fields, I discovered a niche of Human-Computer Interaction, UX/UI Design that I was deeply curious about. I like how Georgia Tech’s Computational Media degree allows me to explore this niche and not limit myself to just design or just tech. While getting technical skills from the College of Computing, I advance my creativity with some of the classes offered at the Ivan Allen College. Overall, the degree is very diverse and provides you with a wide range of careers to choose from when you graduate.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your career?

The biggest challenge that I have faced in my career is overthinking and having imposter syndrome. There are so many cool and interesting people at Tech that sometimes I wonder if I should be at this school. With me studying remotely, I feel even more isolated from campus. However, with the great peers that I have met online, they have supported and encouraged me through and through. Now, rather than comparing myself to others, I feel inspired by the work that people have done. It makes me want to work harder and become an innovator.

Beyond money, awards, and job titles, what’s the biggest measure of success?

My own happiness/well-being is my biggest measure of success. Being at such a tough but amazing school like Georgia Tech, it is easy to get overwhelmed by your classes and peers. In the beginning of my freshmen year, I felt a lot of pressure to get an internship over the summer and was constantly stressing myself out. Now that I’ve taken a step back to reflect, I feel less overwhelmed. To keep my spirits up, I take walks with my dog to the park, meet with my friends, and watch TV shows with my family! It’s important to have a balance between school and your well-being.

What’s the next big thing you’d like to accomplish?

I would say that my next big thing to accomplish is to graduate and be employed in a job that I am passionate about! Although I am only a first-year, I’m already thinking about the future and what happens after college. I would like to work for a company that revolve around social good and promotes philanthropy. Working for a company like that makes me feel like I’m impacting the world in a beneficial way!